Writers and Their Journals

One of the best tools a writer can ever have? A journal. A must read from the perspective of many writers.

Writing on the Pages of Life


There are various ways to keep a journal, and a variety of reasons why a writer must keep one.

Poet, essayist and playwright Shiela Bender poignantly remembers a day during Ron Carlson’s writer’s workshop in the summer of 1994. It was the day when Carlson went around the room and asked each person to describe the his/her writing journal. On her turn, Bender had to confess that she kept a box where “scraps of paper on which I have written things – bank deposit slips, napkins, other people’s business cards, other stuff.” When asked how she uses the box, Bender replied that she goes through it every now and then when she’s in between projects or when she’s stuck on something she’s doing.

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