Brandon Sanderson’s Writing Lectures

“Brandon Sanderson (born December 19, 1975) is an American writer. He is best known for his Mistborn series and his work in finishing Robert Jordan‘s epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time. In 2010, Sanderson published The Way of Kings, the first book in a ten book series called The Stormlight Archive. Sanderson worked as an editor for the semi-professional magazine Leading Edge while attending school at Brigham Young University, where he now periodically teaches creative writing. In 2008 Sanderson started a podcast with authors Dan Wells and Howard Tayler called Writing Excuses, involving topics about creating and producing genre writing and webcomics.”

Source: Wikipedia

Here are the links to the amazing writing lectures by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. You can find it here on youtube, on the channel Write About Dragons. Either way, I’m posting the lessons below so you can find them and reference to them easily.


Lesson One – Intro to Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writing

Lesson Two – Ideas are Cheap

Lesson Three – Class Goals and Format

Lesson Four – Gardeners vs. Architects

Lesson Five – Writing Group Essentials


Lesson 1 – What Makes a Good Plot

Lesson 2 – Plots by Outlining

Lesson 3 – Plots by Discovery

Lesson 4 – YA Genres

Lesson 5 – Adult Genres


Lesson 1 – Intro to Prose

Lesson 2 – First Person Viewpoints

Lesson 3 – Third Person Viewpoints

Lesson 4 – Description I

Lesson 5 – Description II


Lesson 1 – Sympathetic Characters I

Lesson 2 – Sympathetic Characters II

Lesson 3 – Show us the Character

Lesson 4 – Giving a Character a Life Beyond the Plot

Lesson 5 – Character Creation Examples I

Lesson 6 – Character Creation Examples II

LECTURE FIVE – Guest Lecture by Eric James Stone


Lesson 1 – Networking Via Convention

Lesson 2 – Some alternative to cons

Lesson 3 – Meeting Editors and Agents

Lesson 4 – Three Goals of Meeting Agents

Lesson 5 – Pitches

Lesson 6 – Some Questions and Statistics

All rights reserved to Brandon Sanderson and the youtube channel in which these videos are posted. Below are the covers of the Final Empire Triology by Brandon Sanderson.

~Happy Writing!

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